New Zealand Travel - Wine Regions Of New Zealand: Marlborough

Dramatic Marlborough Vineyards

Think of New Zealand wine and the first thing to come into your mind will probably be "Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc". It is the one wine style that has really put New Zealand on the international wine stage. However, in addition, the Marlborough region also makes other outstanding wines, making it a fascinating area to visit for wine sampling.

Marlborough is by far the largest winemaking area in the country, responsible for more than half of the country's total wine production. There are more than 23,000 hectares of vines, the great majority being sauvignon blanc.

Marlborough Location and How to Get There
The Marlborough grape growing area is situated in the Marlborough region at the top eastern corner of New Zealand's South Island. The vineyards are centered around the town of Blenheim which thus is very much a winery town.

When traveling to marlborough from the north island your options are a local flight in the middle of wellington and blenheim on either air new zealand or speaks air or to take the ferry from wellington to picton. The latter is perfect if you are traveling by vehicle or campervan. Blenheim is true a thirty petite impel from picton.

From the south, a vehicle voyage from christchurch will adopt you with regard to four hours. You might need to break your journey together with a discontinue in either hanmer springs or kaikoura.
History of Marlborough Wine
Before grapes, marlborough was a quiet place of sheep farms and small-scale agriculture. The initial industrial grape plantings were carried out by the montana wine associates in 1973. At the time, it was the southernmost wine region in fresh zealand and any in the manufactures carefully it "far too far south to be any best for making wine". The initial marlborough sauvignon blancs went on to satisfaction the world and captured any highest awards at international wine shows, particularly in london.
 Marlborough Climate
Accompanying mountains to the west, marlborough happys the three essential qualities that invent good wine - lots of sun, low rainfall and relatively cool climatic characteristics. This medians the grapes ripen gently yet completely, retaining maximum flavors.
Sub Regions
There are three areas where most of the plantings are situated. The largest and the first to be industrialized is the wairau valley which is the haltst to blenheim. To the southeast is the slightly cooler awatere valley. There are also some quite new vineyards in the valleys to the south of the wairau.

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