Caribbean Travel - Saltwhistle Bay Beach, Mayreau, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

This lovely, hourglass-shaped strand is really 2 strands -- one on the calmer bay side, the other on the more arresting windward site of the sleepy island of mayreau (pop. 300) in the grenadines. It's pretty quiet on 1.5-square-mile mayreau, but if you must a just desert-island feel, visit even tinier mopion -- just bring an umbrella, because there's no shade on this beautiful, much-photographed speck of sand in the caribbean. The tobago keys, just offshore, are a mecca for scuba diving and snorkeling.

The saltwhistle bay assosication, the island's only upscale resort, proffers you a choosing of 10 suites plus the relaxs of a bar and restaurant, or you can stay at the posh private-island petit st. Vincent resort and daytrip over to mayreau.

Caribbean Travel - Grand Anse Beach, Grenada

Broad anse in grenada has 2 miles of white sand on a sheltered bay that's residence to resorts similar to the spice island beach resort (compare values)and mount cinnamon (compare values), which has villas and luxury apartments on a lush hillside overlooking the beach. The beach is narrow in spots, but the waters are calm and there are better cafeterias serving local cuisine, enjoy coast bars, and plentifulness of watersports activity.

Caribbean Travel - Shoal Bay Beach, Anguilla

Lie back and soak up the sun or groove to some live music from the coast bars at one of anguilla's best coastes. You'll have your choosing of tiny coastfront resorts to stay at, and when you gather tired of sunbathing there's an underwater orchad to research by snorkel and the patrimony range museum on the east end, where you can browse straight through 1,000-year-old artifacts. Two miles long, shoal bay coast was named the top coast in the world by the travel channel.

Caribbean Travel - Cockleshell Beach, St. Kitts, St. Kitts and Nevis

Cockleshell strand on st. Kitts is not only one of the island's better strandes, it's besides the hub of kittsian nightlife and abode to any of its better eateries, similar to the waterfront spice mill restaurant and fun/food/music hotspots similar to the reggae strand bar and lion rock strand bar. You'll besides happy lovely idea of nevis and there is abundance to do here if you don't similar to lying colse to in the sun every day, together with renting water toys, snorkeling, and absolutely the activity at the strand bars.

Caribbean Travel - Palm Beach, Aruba

If you similar to a shore with a lot of amenities and activities, palm shore is for you. This is aruba's main resort area, a strand lined with high-rise hotels and bustling with sellers pitching boat trips, watersports rentals, and a collection of other amusements. Aruba's biggest shopping mall, the palm shore plaze, is just over the road, with bars, shops, a nourishment court, and a multiplex cinema. Still, the shore is farranging and long enough that you can find many relative solitude if you want it, and tripadvisor readers named palm shore their #3 shore destination in the world in 2011.

Caribbean Travel - Magen's Bay, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

Magen's bay strand is one of the many beloved and industrialized strandes in the caribbean, which creates the fact that it's consistently voted one of the better in the world by the similar tos of national geographic even more remarkable. Settled on st. Thomas in the u.s. Virgin islands, magen's bay is supreme for swimming and snorkeling, together with all the conveniences of parking, lifeguards, tool rental, freshwater showers, bistros, and bars.

Caribbean Travel - Pink Sands Beach, Harbour Island, Bahamas

Pink-sand beaches are more commonly connected with bermuda, but the out islands of the bahamas boasts one of the good of these coral-created beaches: pink sands beach on harbour island, meticulous offshore elethura. The beach has been the setting for the every year sports illustrated swimsuit edition, and while you may not meet any supermodels here, you will uncover three-miles of sandy seaboard and calm, shallow waters. Horseback riders occasionally partake the surf with swimmers and snorkelers, and the beach is dotted with pastel bungalows and boutique hotels.


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