Disneyland Resort for Beginners: Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is Disneyland?

 Disneyland is placed in anaheim, california, 13 miles from john wayne airport in orange county (sna), with regard to 35 miles from los angeles international airport (lax), 35 miles from hollywood and 25 miles from uptown los angeles.
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 What is the Disneyland Resort? 

The disneyland resort is a mixture of the traditional disneyland theme park, created by walt disney in 1955, and disney california adventure theme park, which opened in 2001. California adventure coverings disneyland and shares ticketing booths at the main entrance. The resort also includes downtown disney, a pedestrian road lined accompanying shopping, restaurants and entertainment venues, and three disney-owned hotels in or adjacent to california adventure.
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 Is Disneyland Appropriate for All Ages? 

Yes, there is fullness to do at disneyland for any person from toddlers to seniors. Even greatest teenagers can search something to entertain them at disneyland and disney's california adventure. Disneyland has more to do for toddlers and california adventure has more thrill rides designed for teens and adults. There are fullness of shows, shopping and even aged spotting for habitancy who don't happy rides.
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What Is There to Do at Disneyland? 

 Disneyland is divided into nine themed "lands" with rides appropriate for different ages and heights, shows that will entertain kids and adults, opportunities to interact with Disney characters, interactive activities and exhibits, shops selling souvenirs and collectables from kitsch to fine crystal, themed snack bars and restaurants, live bands, dancing, parades of elaborate Disney-themed floats and characters and a nightly fireworks display. There are also special seasonal activities for Halloween and Christmas. 

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What Is There to Do at California Adventure? 

California adventure is divided into areas representing separate aspects of california from hollywood to san francisco, from the beaches to the mountains. It is a smaller park, but has bigger thrill rides than disneyland. Arcade games are also beloved with teens. There are activities for the younger set, together with interactive shows where kids can sing along with their preferred characters. There are opportunities to meet disney characters, and plentifulness of places to store and eat. There are installation-type trips of a bakery and a tortilla installation, and the terrace wine tasting serves the only alcohol in either park. Mobile parties with live music go for place a combine times a day and the electrical parade satisfactions the crowd at night.
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How Much Time Do We Need to Visit Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure?

To see and do everything at the disneyland resort, along with uptown disney, you could utilize a full four days, especially if it's high season and the lines are long and if you'd similar to to elect a break in the afternoon to flee from getting worn out. To careful hit the highlights, you can do disneyland in a day and california adventure in half a day. If you're not planning on riding some rides, you can do dual parks in one day. To institute the greatest of the whole of time you have, attempt using ridemax to sell out the whole of time waiting in line.

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When is the Best Time to Visit Disneyland?

ny time of year can be a best time to visit disneyland depending on what kind of endure you're seeing for. Summer is high season, so you have to deal with accompanying crowds, but you secure a lot more embark on hours per day for your funds. November and december you secure the best holiday adornments, but it secures dark early, park hours are not as long as summer and there's a opportunity of rain. Here's a full catalogue of pros and cons for when to visit disneyland.

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Where Should We Stay to Visit Disneyland?

To acquire the many out of a visit to disneyland, it is great to stay near the park. There are three disney hotels adjacent to california adventure. These are many suitable, but besides more expensive than hotels surrounding the park. Disneyland resort hotels besides fill up early, so if you must to stay there, plan ahead. There are shuttles in the middle of disneyland and surrounding hotels for a little fee. Search for hotels near disneyland on kayak.com.

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How Much Does it Cost to Visit Disneyland?

There are a bunch of distinct ticket configurations you can purchase for disneyland and california adventure. For the full breakdown watch my disneyland tickets page.

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