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Fairy penguins on Phillip Island, Victor 
 An An Travel
The phillip island penguin parade occurs at dusk when the phillip island fairy penguins return to shore. 
You hear a voice cry: "look! over there!" and necks crane, inspects strain hard to see. But in the diplomatic surf at phillip island at sunset it is impossible to recognise what it is in the water. A head, a beak maybe, a itsybitsy wing... 
No sooner is the first cry heard when it is followed by another. You discern out to sea and, yes, there’s anything there, any movement, anything ... And suddenly not rigorous one but many... and a hush of expectancy falls. they come as if riding on the surf, and you can choose them out now.

And they're coming home An An Travel

On a patch of sand not too far away you now glimpse a pair of wobbly feet. You can notice the bird then, a minute bird, a litle penguin, a fairy penguin.
An added one comes on beach, and another, and another, and soon the beach is alive with these birds.
They have had their day foraging out at sea and now they are advent house.
They march across the sand in small groups (some approximately in single file), as if in a triumphant march, and they head for their abode in the dunes. it is the phillip island penguin parade.

An awesome sight to see

Wave after wave they come from the sea and waddle, similar to only penguins can, across the sand of summerland beach on phillip island

They arrive in their hundreds, these minute, frail-looking birds who’ve braved the seas, and are now advent abode.
They are an awesome sight to watch, this weighty avian display before the dark ultimately swallows the sea and earth and sky

And you suggest to for someone, please, someone, please raise these minute brave ocean explorers and watch that they come abode, all the time, to their abode on the strand.
 An An Travel

Easily accessible

The penguin parade on philllip island, two hours out of melbourne, draws people from any chapters of the world to this unique real-nature undergo. 
Iin fact, victoria’s phillip island and its fairy penguins are the second many beloved tourist attraction in australia, after uluru in the northern territory. 
Pphillip island’s strong benefit -- over, claim, cavorting together with the dolphins at monkey mia in western australia -- is that it’s easily accessible.

Getting to Phillip Island

From melbourne, it’s no more than a two-hour impel over 137 kilometres of sealed roads -- you cross the narrows from san remo to newhaven, and you’re on the island. You can settle on a fast trip to phillip island and return to melbourne true after nightfall. 
Settle on the princess highway (m1) southeast out of melbourne, turn off at dandenong and travel southeast on the south gippsland highway (m420). Surveillance for the a420 intersection and continue south on the a420. Result the signs to phillip island straight through the town of san remo. 
The penguin parade settle ons place at summerland coast, quit to the southwestern tecnique of the island, true before the lilght of day is completely gone. there are areas for viewing the fairy penguins and it is better to book beforehand at a melbourne visitor centre, straight through your hotel receptionist, or by contacting the penguin maintain on 5956 8300.

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